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Who invented Hypnosis?

Its the oldest and most natural mode of healing know to humans. Even ancient Egypt had sleep temples.


Who popularised Hypnosis?

Dr A.M. Krasner, PhD, founder of the American Institute of Hypnotherapy in Irvine California. First educational institute to offer post graduate programs in hypnotherapy.


What is hypnosis?

it is a process which produces relaxation and distraction of the conscious mind with heightened suggestibility and increased awareness allowing access to the subconscious mind through imagination. 


There is always myths of hypnosis, lets Clarify them:

1) You will hear everything that goes on

2) you remain in total control

3) you will not do anything you don't want to do


Hypnosis stage shows are very different and they look like they are being controlled but they are not, they volunteered to have fun.  


Remember you're in control.


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