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What is Ozone?
It is a chemical compound composed of 3 oxygen atoms. It is naturally occurring at high altitudes or near the sea. It forms the protective layer around the planet. Life would not be able to exist without ozone. Ozone is also created by lightning, giving air that fresh smell after rainfall.
History of Ozone therapy?
The history of Ozone use dates back to 1840, from German chemist Christian Friedrich Schonbein. It did not get popular until Dr. Otto Warburg (who is the only person awarded two Nobel Prizes for Medicine) of the Kaiser Institute.
Industrial Properties of Ozone?
Ozone is germicidal, bactericide, fungicidal, and viricide. It will destroy 99.9992% of all pathogenic germs and can destroy all pollutants in the water. This includes pesticides, herbicides, and inorganic compounds such as Bisphenol A, plastics, dioxins, and more.

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